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Legacy Photography | Papa’s Kitchen | Corte Madera, CA

What I love most about the art of lifestyle photography is that it captures our daily life without airs; the moments we take for granted because they happen routinely. But someday that routine will change, and those “everyday” moments will become distant memories.

It was this thought that led me to bring my camera to a weekly dinner with my grandpa. My grandmother, his wife of over 60 years, passed away a couple of years ago, and we often tell stories about our “Nonni” around the dinner table.  Recently, Papa and I were talking about the legacy that grandparents leave for their grandchildren, and I told him that Nonni’s legacy for me will always be her homemade gnocci and her garden.

Papa and I spent the evening as we usually do together; enjoying an apertivo, checking on the garden, and telling stories. But this time I wanted to capture a small sliver of the legacy that my Papa has already given me – the importance of family dinners, time together, and the secret ingredient to his bolognese sauce. Papa1

“On holidays, after midnight mass, we’d come home and have the donuts with powdered sugar. They don’t make them like that anymore.”


“Your grandmother’s flowers keep blooming. Each year they get bigger and brighter.”


“Don’t give me a million dollars, give me your time. Time is the most precious thing.”


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